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Brits Want a Ban on Gambling

Brits Want a Ban on Gambling

If you want to gamble in Britain, you won’t have any issues finding both online and mobile betting as well as lots of betting terminals.

In fact, gambling is such a big part of the country that it has been estimated that £1bn will be bet by Britons on the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Brits Want a Ban on Gambling

You can gamble at anytime and anywhere in Britain but not everyone is in support of this.

When you dig a little deeper though, it doesn’t seem that everyone is in favor of this gambling culture.

According to research done by New YouGov, 60% of the public feels that the government needs to crackdown on gambling regulations whereas 4% stated that this supervision should be loosened. Fifty eight percent of those in favor of tighter regulations feel that betting terminals should be banned.

Meanwhile, 25% of the public feel like the gambling regulation balance is right.

High Street is well known for its high-profile gambling campaigns and 80% of the group who are all for tighter regulations, feel that there should be less betting shops available on the street with 75% strongly supporting a ban on betting ads.

While most of the public feel that gambling should be closely monitored, only 1% stated that the issue of gambling would impact how they would vote next year.

This is a good thing since it isn’t likely that any politician is going to take a stand against gambling, especially during the World Cup action in Brazil.

OCA News Editor