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You’re On Your Own If You Are A Gambling Addict in Jersey

You’re On Your Own If You Are A Gambling Addict in Jersey

Jersey has 29 betting shops yet, according to local gamblers, there are no dedicated services available for gambling addicts.

 You’re On Your Own If You Are A Gambling Addict in Jersey

With 29 betting shops available in Jersey, there is insufficient emphasis being placed on helping gambling addicts.

Furthermore, while the government offers assistance to drug and alcohol addicts, the island does not have trained staff that is supported by the States of Jersey.

In response to these accusations, Jason Lane, from the Jersey Gambling Commission, stated that services are in fact available for gambling addicts in Jersey including their gambling therapy website which is funded by the Social Responsibility Panel.

There is also a Gamblers Anonymous group in Jersey which meets regularly.

A new betting shop, the 30th one on the island, is about to be opened in St Helier’s Broad Street. It will be operated by Trevor Guernsey based in Galliennes. Guernsey is using this new betting shop in order to test the market and is then considering expansion into the UK.

The Jersey island has a population of 100,000 people which means that there is one betting shop per 3,333 people. From the island’s capital, St Helier, there are 18 shops located within a mile of each other.

Meanwhile, according to Association of British Bookmakers, there are approximately 8,700 betting shops in the UK while the NHS has stated that there are over 450,000 problem gamblers in Britain.

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