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Inside the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel

Inside the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel

The Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is one of the most famous on the planet. It is an amazingly grand and ornate location which has featured in multiple films. The casino was opened in 1863 and was an attempt to save Monaco’s House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy.

It is situated in-between the Café de Paris, a well-known people-watching location, and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, a hotel which is just as ornate as the casino.

Visiting the Casino de Monte Carlo shows a certain status, most visitors arrive in Ferraris, Bentleys or Rolls-Royces. Shorts and flip-flops are not allowed and men must wear a sports jacket in the private gaming rooms after 8pm. However, it only costs €10 to enter the casino.

While most of the rooms in the casino can be accessed by the public, some are reserved for known high-rollers. There are signs to let gamblers know the minimum bets, and while the casino brings in huge amounts of money for Monaco, its citizens are not allowed to gamble there.

The casino takes quality control seriously; it has 36,000 packs of cards stored in a special stock room which is kept at 20°C. Furthermore, the gaming tables are constructed and maintained by seven specially employed craftsmen including a woodworker and a specialist in tapestry and embroidery.

OCA News Editor