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Taxi Driver Returns $300,000 to Forgetful Poker Player

Taxi Driver Returns $300,000 to Forgetful Poker Player

A taxi driver in Las Vegas who found $300,000 in $100 bills in the back of his cab has successfully returned the money to its owner, a poker player who won big at the Cosmopolitan.

The driver, Gerardo Gamboa, was named Driver of the Year by his firm after the incident and they rewarded him with $1,000 and a dinner for two at an exclusive restaurant.

Taxi Driver Returns $300,000 to Forgetful Poker Player

A taxi driver in Las Vegas found a paper bag containing $300,000 cash in the back seat of his cab.

Gamboa collected the poker player at the Cosmopolitan and took him to Palms Place where the passenger gave him a $5 tip. His next stop was the Bellagio, when the doorman opened the backdoor he spotted a brown paper bag on the seat and set it down on the front passenger seat having assumed it was chocolate.

Gamboa had a look inside the bag, discovered the money and called his dispatcher. He took the cash to the taxi company office where the owner was tracked with the help of Cosmopolitan’s records. The man came to the office to collect the money; however, he didn’t bring any ID so the process was a bit delayed.

Nonetheless, the player was happy to receive his money. He asked to see Gamboa and shook his hand before taking his contact details and telling Gamboa that he would be rewarded.

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