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Security Video Shows Vegas Nightclub Shooting

Security Video Shows Vegas Nightclub Shooting

Surveillance footage from Bally’s Hotel and Casino has been released which shows Drai’s nightclub shooting suspect Benjamin Frazier shooting Kenneth Brown on October 21st 2013.

Frazier was angry about paying a $30 cover charge for the night club, in the video he can be seen arguing with a security guard before pulling out a .38-caliber gun. A fight then ensues and Frazier knocks the guard to the ground, a second guard appears and turns to run but Frazier shoots them both.

Frazier then went from the club to the casino’s gaming floor pointing the gun, people around him try to take cover and one man tries to stop him. Kenneth Brown jumped onto Frazier’s back and tries to tackle him but Frazier shoots at him. Brown was killed but the weight of his body was enough to delay Frazier and give security guards a chance to detain him.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson said that the video “provides a very clear story of what happened”. This week Wolfson and the district attorney death penalty committee will review the case and decide whether prosecutors should seek capital punishment for Frazier.

Frazier has been indicted on six counts including murder, carrying a concealed firearm, attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon.

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