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ACOP Main Event Down to Heads-Up Play

ACOP Main Event Down to Heads-Up Play

The Main Event at the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) is down to its final two players. Sunny Jung and Devan Tang will face each other in heads-up play; Jung has a narrow lead with a stack of 3,213,000 while Tang has 2,877,000 chips.

ACOP Main Event Down to Heads-Up Play

The Asia Championship of Poker’s Main Event is down to just Sunny Jung and Devan Tang after a very long final table.

The Main Event was expected to finish yesterday, however, the final table dragged on until a stop was called just after 3am. However, the first player was knocked out quite early in the day when Thai player Chane Kampanatsanyakorn was knocked out by Yat Wai Cheng.

Chenxiang Miao was the next to go when he was eliminated by Alvan Zheng, he was soon followed by Randy Lew when his Pocket Sevens were beaten by Jonathan Depa’s Pocket Nines. However, Depa didn’t last much longer, he was soon knocked out by a flush from Tang. Tang soon knocked out Japanese pro Yoshitaka Okawa to reduce the table to four players.

With the help of a few double ups Jung soon had the chip lead and was able to call Cheng’s all in with Pocket Fours. Cheng had King Queen off suit and no King or Queen came on the board meaning he was eliminated. Last to go was Zheng leaving Jung and Tang to face each other heads –up later on today.

OCA News Editor