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Nevada Considering Interstate Online Poker Partnerships

Nevada Considering Interstate Online Poker Partnerships

Nevada’s Gov. Brian Sandoval has said that he has held preliminary talks with other state governors about forming interstate online poker partnerships. While the states weren’t name, industry insiders believe Texas could be a target.

Nevada Considering Interstate Online Poker Partnerships

Nevada’s Governor, Brian Sandoval, has held preliminarily talks with other states about forming a partnership.

At present Texas Legislature is considering the Poker Gaming Act of 2013 which would legalise online poker in the state. Furthermore, Sandoval supported Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s run for the GOP’s presidential nomination last year.

Sandoval said, “I’ve talked with a few governors and I’m introducing the concept of compacting.

It’s very much in the early stages and we have a great opportunity because we have the infrastructure and other states have the players. I’m hopeful we’ll continue to talk.”

New Jersey and Delaware have both legalised online gambling and a number of other states, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Iowa, are currently exploring bills. However, at present Nevada has the country’s only active and legal website.

Sandoval explained that “[The Gaming Control Board] needs to be extremely careful on how they do this. Over time, people will forget about that part and see how successful it will become.”

OCA News Editor