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Security Companies Reap the Benefits of Macau Casinos

Security Companies Reap the Benefits of Macau Casinos

The new mega-casinos in Asia are driving sales and innovation in advanced security technology. The boom has resulted in devices ranging from chips with built-in radio transmitters to HD, multi-lens, digital cameras capable of scanning gaming floors and spotting sleights of hands.

Security Companies Reap the Benefits of Macau Casinos

The demand for casino security in Macau has led to massive innovation in surveillance technology.

Multiple companies such as Dallmeier International, Pelco and Samsung Techwin are benefiting hugely from the demand for surveillance devices. The last five years has seen tens of thousands of security cameras installed in Macau and many thousands more have already been ordered for the hotel-casino resorts currently being built.

The Dallmeier International general manager for Asia, Craig Graham, said, “It’s big business. The camera market here has started to get very big … It’s probably the most demanding environment for a video surveillance system anywhere in the world.”

Industry estimates say that there are about 100,000 cameras in Macau’s casinos and another 50,000 are expected to be installed over the next five years. However, companies have declined to comment on how much the industry is worth.

Pelco’s Asia-Pacific business development manager, Bob Ruggles, has said that the demand has allowed companies to push their products to the limit of innovation.

Surprisingly enough Las Vegas casinos have reportedly been slow to adapt to advances in technology, and some are still using VCR tape.

OCA News Editor