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Taj Mahal Casino to Open Strip Club

Taj Mahal Casino to Open Strip Club

After over seven years of falling profits and dropping visitor numbers, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort is opening a strip club within the resort.

Taj Mahal Casino to Open Strip Club

Taj Mahal is opening the first strip club in an Atlantic City casino in a bid to attract more visitors.

The club will be run by the New York strip club Scores and it will be the first strip club to open within a casino in the 35 years since Atlantic City opened the doors to its first casino.

While this is a first for Atlantic City other casinos have been offering milder forms of adult entertainment.

Revel Atlantic City has been hosting the Royal Jelly burlesque show since April 2012 and the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa also has a burlesque show.

The managing partner of Scores, Bob Gans, is enthusiastic about the strip club’s prospects, he said, “We feel this is the third leg of the Atlantic City triangle: gambling, alcohol and adult entertainment… It’s a natural.”

Gans has invested $25 million in the venture. The club will feature five private VIP rooms, 11 stripper poles and an ultra-VIP room for elite clients. The club is opening on September 12th.

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