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The Bahamas Considers Online Gambling

The Bahamas Considers Online Gambling

The Bahamas is a popular tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty and of course its excellent casinos However, the region also has violent tropical weather which can keep visitors away and cause huge problems for the tourist industry.

The Bahamas Considers Online Gambling

In order to help generate revenues during times of tropical storms, the Bahamas is considering legalising online gambling.

In order to help the tourist industry, there are a number of people pushing the idea of introducing online gambling to the country.

The idea is that it would help offset the losses experienced by casinos during the stormy weather.

A representative for the Baha Mar Casino & Hotel, Uri Clinton, said, “During the hurricane season, when nobody wants to travel to the Bahamas, we still have thousands of employees to support; we still have hundreds of local vendors and contractors to pay.”

He believes that online gambling would allow the Bahamas to generate tax revenue even when the visitors are not physically present.

Next month the country is hosting a special conference where the issue of online gambling will be discussed. The conference, “Shrinking The Global Divide: Synergy, Service and Sustainability” will take place from September 18th-20th at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. Speakers, such as Uri Clinton, will be discussing online gambling from a legal and economic perspective.

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