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Councilwoman Accuses Rivers Casino of Racism

Councilwoman Accuses Rivers Casino of Racism

A councilwoman in Allegheny County has asked for an explanation from Rivers Casino after receiving complaints that the casino is unfriendly to black patrons and promoters.

Councilwoman Accuses Rivers Casino of Racism

Councilwoman Amanda Green Hawkins has written to Rivers Casino asking it to answer allegations of racism.

Amanda Green Hawkins has written to the casino general manager, Craig Clark, asking him why a number of events aimed at the black community have been cut short, cancelled or overcharged for.

In the letter Hawkins said, “There have been allegations of race discrimination. Constituents have called me or written me e-mails about things they have seen going on over there that they say are just racism.”

Hawkins highlighted a July event organised by black motorcyclist club Pittsburgh Ruff Ryders which was shut down by casino officials apparently due to overcrowding. Hawkins is wondering why the casino didn’t just close the doors instead of making everyone leave.

She also raised the casino of the fraternity Omega Psi Phi which was charged $15,000 to host a Labour Day weekend in the casino’s ball room, a figure which is far about the casino’s usual fee.

A casino representative has said that the general manager is willing to meet with Hawkins, “Rivers Casino already has reached out to Councilwoman Hawkins’ office to schedule a personal meeting with our general manager, to address any misunderstanding, and to correct the record.”


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