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Jason Ader Visits Macau Casinos

Jason Ader Visits Macau Casinos

To keep track of the world casino industry it is a good idea to keep an eye on Jason Ader. Ader is an award winning gaming analyst who is now the Director of Las Vegas Sands and runs his own hedge fund, Ader Investments.

Jason Ader Visits Macau Casinos

The Director of the Las Vegas Sands recently returned from a trip to the Macau casinos

Ader recently returned from a trip to Macau, upon his return he said, “Banking issues… the slowing economy, you wouldn’t believe it walking around the casino in Macau. Everybody in Macau seems to be enjoying prosperity for the time being… I just see a whole lot more demand than supply in the next 18-24 months.”

Ader said that the industry is helped by the government imposed limit on table games.

Apparently Fast Action Baccarat is the new favourite game in the region, Ader reportedly saw a crown of 250 people playing, screaming and fighting around a table.

According to a security guard Ader spoke to that kind of behaviour is common place.

The main purpose of Ader’s trip was to see what elements of the Macau industry would work in the US. In summary he said, “The wagering [in Macau] happens very fast and with a lot of volume so if it works there it’ll work here.”

OCA News Editor