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Atlantic City Taking Mobile Casino to Baltimore

Atlantic City Taking Mobile Casino to Baltimore

Atlantic City tried to run an advertising campaign that downplayed the gambling side of the city, however, that didn’t work out very well.

Atlantic City Taking Mobile Casino to Baltimore

In an effort to attract more players from the Baltimore area, Atlantic City is taking a mobile casino to the city’s annual arts festival

Now, it is running a campaign to try and lure Baltimoreans to the city and away from options closer to home.

This month Atlantic City is bringing a 750 square foot trailer to Artscape as part of a $30 million marketing campaign. The trailer is designed as a mobile casino complete with games, massages and other entertainment, however, there is no actual gambling or alcohol.

Last weekend the mobile casino visited Philadelphia and it will stop in Baltimore on July 19th at the city’s annual art festival at the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Last year Pennsylvania become the East coast’s gambling leader, and Maryland is also succeeding in keeping more of its gambling money within the state. This means that New Jersey is having to work harder than ever to attract players.

The president of the Atlantic City Alliance, Elizabeth Cartmell, said that Baltimore-are residents make up more than 7% of the 28.5 million people who visited Atlantic City last year. She said she believes that the ‘DO AC’ campaign will help to increase the percentage.

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