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Baccarat Changes the Game in Macau

Baccarat Changes the Game in Macao

Charging ahead of all other casino games, Baccarat is now the leading game in Macau, responsible for nearly all of the region’s $38 billion annual gambling revenue.

Baccarat Changes the Game in Macao

A particularly Chinese taste for Baccarat is leading a gambling boom in Macau

The game became a fast favourite with high flying Chinese businessmen and ever more casinos decide to add tables to accommodate the gambler’s panache for the game. Many believe that Baccarat’s momentum can be explained by the easy rules, excitement of play and the fact that the casino is not too heavily advantaged. In addition, Baccarat allows for the Chinese affinity for superstition to shine through.

Galaxy’s Director of International Premium Markets, Raymond Yap believes that being able to touch the cards during the game makes Baccarat extremely appealing.

Jiangxi business owner Zhong Junhei agrees that there is something very Chinese about this way of gaming: “If you’re not Chinese, I’m not sure you’ll understand. It’s a superstitious technique. You’ve got this card, and you want a smaller number, so you blow, blow, blow. The reason is to blow away the big numbers. You want to have a small number for yourself. It’s a kind of hope.”

OCA News Editor