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$1.6 Million Minimum Bet at Macau Casino

$1.6 Million Minimum Bet at Macau Casino

On the 32nd floor of China’s Galaxy Macau there is a casino lounge where the minimum bet required is $1.6 million (10 million yuan). Unsurprisingly the lounge is only frequented by the highest of rollers and, according to Business Insider, last year it made $38 billion in revenue.

$1.6 Million Minimum Bet at Macau Casino

At the Sky 32 casino launch in the Galaxy Macau, gamblers are required to bet at least $1.6 million per visit

The lounge, known as Sky 32, offers fantastic views, a waterfall, a bar with vintage single malt whiskeys and six different gambling rooms.

The Chief Financial Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group, Robert Drake, said that “The VIP market is gaining momentum”. According to Drake April’s revenue “was [the] second highest in history. We are off to a great start for the year.”

Around two thirds of Macau’s casino revenue comes from high rollers.

They normally gamble on credit because of restrictions on taking cash out of China. The high rollers are normally brought in by junket operators who will arrange their whole trip; transportation, hotels and financing.

High rollers usually end up at Sky 32 or if not Sky 33 on the floor above which has more space, 9 gambling rooms and a minimum bet of 5 million yuan per visit ($800,000).

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