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Casinos Become Family Friendly

Casinos Become Family Friendly

In the past casinos were not well prepared to deal with children staying at their hotels. This was mainly due to casinos not being considered family destinations. However, as casinos became more respectable establishments, they began offering family oriented facilities.

Casinos Become Family Friendly

Casinos are beginning to operate supervised childcare centres in order to allow adults freer access to the casino floor

It is common to find games arcades, mainstream chain restaurants, retail space, swimming pools and even roller coasters and zoos. As a result more and more families began to visit casinos. However, children are still not allowed on casino floors and now two Laughlin casinos have begun offering supervised childcare centres in order to allow parents to spend time gambling.

The Avi Resort & Casino offers Kids Quest for ages 6 weeks to 12 years. There is an indoor playground full of slides and tunnels, video and arcade games, karaoke as well as a giant Barbie doll house and Lego.

Furthermore there are arts and crafts activities and books. There is a separate area for infants and toddlers complete with infant swings, walkers and a separate sleep area.

At the Riverside Resort parents can make use of Don’s Kid Kastle. It is similar to Kids Quest offering many of the same activities.

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