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Do AC Advertising Campaign Ready to Launch

Do AC Advertising Campaign Ready to Launch

Recently Atlantic City tourism officials commissioned a survey of potential vacationers. The survey found that 85% thought the place was “a great place for a quick, spontaneous getaway” but only 21% considered the city a “very clean place to visit.”

Do AC Advertising Campaign Ready to Launch

An advertising campaign aim to encourage more people to visit Atlantic City is ready to launch.

In response Atlantic City tourism officials are launching a $20 million ad campaign to try and attract more visitors. The campaign, “Do AC”, is meant to encourage people to visit quickly. Most of the adverts close with a specific event on a specific date.

Over the last two years the city has worked hard to clean itself up, there are more litter pickups, pavements are cleaned more regularly and 990 seagull-proof rubbish bins on the Boardwalk.

The advertising campaign has a $30 million budget to try and reverse the gambling resort’s fortunes.

In 2006 casino revenues were at $5.2 billion, however, by last year they had fallen to just over $3 billion.

The campaign is also including a mobile “Do AC Roadshow” in the northeast. It will probably see semi-trailers brought to public places to promote the city. The trailers will include interactive features and gifts and prizes will also be handed out.

OCA News Editor