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Bet on the Fall of the Syrian Regime

Bet on the Fall of the Syrian Regime

Two years on and Syria is still in the midst of a bloody civil war, now the bookmakers Stan James is offering odds on whether President Bashar al-Assad will still be in power on June 30th 2013.

Bet on the Fall of the Syrian Regime

As the Syrian civil war continues bookies are offering odds on how long Assad will remain in power.

Those who believe that the rebel army won’t have managed to defeat the Syrian army by this date will find odds of 2/7 that Assad will be in power.

It’s clear that the bookmaker feels that this is more likely as the odds on him not being in power are 9/4. However, these odds could prove extremely lucrative to if the rebel army do succeed in the coming months.

The last month has seen the anti-Assad rebellion increase its military effectiveness and grow ever bolder. There is a strong feeling now that Assad’s security forces are near breaking point.

Last month the Syrian army lost control of a provincial capital, Raqqa, and in the country’s north-eastern and eastern sections, anti-government elements have begun to setup a temporary political administration. Rebel forces have now opened fronts near the Golan Heights and along the Syrian-Jordanian border, both of which are relatively close to the capital Damascus.

If events continue in this manner, now may be the perfect time to place your Assad related bets!

OCA News Editor