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Ex-Card Dealer Aims to Cycle from London to Macau

Ex-Card Dealer Aims to Cycle from London to Macau

There is no financial reason why Tyler Kaun, an ex –card dealer in a Macau casino, should want to leave his place of birth; however, he has decided that he wants to travel to London and back, on a bike with a fold-out tent.

Ex-Card Dealer Aims to Cycle from London to Macau

A man has left his job as a card dealer in Macau in order to cycle all the way to London and back.

There are billions of dollars in investment pumped into Macau every year and lots of opportunity to find work in the casino industry. However, the 27 year old has decided he’d rather spend years cycling alone in the name of adventure.

Kaun said, “Life in Macau is not bad, it is too good. It’s very easy to earn lots of money and buy whatever you want, but there is a need to look beyond the material value.”

Kaun left his most recent job as a trainee engineer in Macau and started his journey at the beginning of March.

He is hoping to get to London in 9 months and will travel through countries ranging from Tibet to Norway.

However, he has planned a route there and back which will take five years crossing Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East en route

“London is only one stop on my whole journey,” he added. “Biking is the right way to travel.”

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