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New Jersey Casinos to Offer Fantasy Sports Betting

New Jersey Casinos to Offer Fantasy Sports Betting

New Jersey has decided that it will allow casinos in Atlantic City to offer fantasy sports betting as part of a pilot scheme which will be announced this week.

New Jersey Casinos to Offer Fantasy Sports Betting

Casinos in New Jersey have been told that they can start accepting bets on fantasy sports

The state’s state Division of Gaming Enforcement will tell casinos that they can begin accepting entry fees from gamblers and pay out winnings from the casino cash cages.

Full details of the regulations will be released later this week, but an online gambling association has said it expects that player will be able to draft a pool of athletes, monitor their performances and compete their fantasy teams against other gamblers.

Players with the best statistical totals will win cash prizes.

The President of the Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association, Joe Brennan, said “This gives players the option to deposit money and then play daily fantasy games, where they pick three or five Major League Baseball or National Football League or National Basketball Association players and build an aggregate roster just for that one day.”

It is not known whether fantasy bets could be placed online or if players will have to travel in person to a casino to place their bets.

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