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PokerStars Opens Card Rooms Around the World

PokerStars Opens Card Rooms Around the World

In order to promote its brand PokerStars is opening card rooms in casinos around the world.

PokerStars Opens Card Rooms Around the World

As part of its efforts to further the brand, PokerStars has been opening card rooms in casinos across the world.

Earlier this month the company opened a card room at London’s Hippodrome Casino after it bought a minority interest in the property.

The company also has agreements in place to open rooms in Spain and Macau.

Randall Fine, the managing director of Las Vegas based gambling consultancy the Fine Point Group, said “There are people who play poker in brick-and-mortar casinos, who also may play online. It makes sense that they’ve developed a very successful online brand to promote it elsewhere.”

The European Poker Tour is operated by PokerStars and takes place at casinos throughout the continent. Last month PokerStars opened a poker room at the Casino Gran Madrid in Spain where there are 20 tables focused on tournament play.

The director of live operations in Asia for PokerStars says that “the PokerStars online brand drives more traffic to live poker events than any other.”

Coupled with PokerStars bid to buy the Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City, it seems that PokerStars’ future lies in a combination of online and land based gambling.

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