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Dublin Airport Staff Celebrate Lotto Win

Dublin Airport Staff Celebrate Lotto Win

Seventeen members of Dublin Airport Authority staff are celebrating having won the €6.4 million Lotto jackpot.

Dublin Airport Staff Celebrate Lotto Win

A group of 17 members of staff at Dublin Airport are celebrating winning a Lotto jackpot worth over €6 million.

A source close to the winners said that “They are all staff of the DAA and work in the retail sector in the airport. We’ve heard lots of whoops and hollers in the halls and around the terminal – they are delighted. It’s not every day you win the Lotto.”

The group reportedly have a tradition of playing the Lotto every week, but according to the source “They certainly look and sound a little shell shocked. They winners are delighted but as of yet they are not going public. They want to let it sink in a bit more.”

The cash is going to be split equally between the group with each person receiving €364,705.882.

The winning ticket was bought at the Spar shop in the arrivals hall of Terminal One at the airport where they work. The ticket was a €112 eight-draw multi-draw with quick pick, due to the amount spent it was fairly obvious that members of staff bought the ticket, travellers are unlikely to spent so much when passing through.

The lucky numbers were 5,8,9,30,33,45.

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