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Hippodrome Casino Launches Online

Hippodrome Casino Launches Online

London’s Hippodrome Casino has announced the launch of its own online casino. The casino has been built my Microgaming and will be operated by Betway Group. The casino will incorporate online poker from PokerStars and there will also be apps for mobile devices.

Hippodrome Casino Launches Online

The UK’s largest casino is launching itself online with games from Microgaming and PokerStars poker

The Hippodrome’s director of online operations, George Constantinou, said “We have put a huge amount of effort into creating a true synergy between the clubhouse and our online offer, including the breadth of gaming available and the look and feel of the site.

We have even incorporated photography of the Hippodrome itself so players can recognise rooms and locations throughout the venue.”

Constantinou explained that players can load their online accounts when visiting the casino in Leicester Square and mentioned that there will be a number of incentives for new players. He said that “it’s important to encourage our online customers to also experience our award-winning venue.”

The Hippodrome is the UK’s largest casino and opened in July 2012 in place of the nightclub which previously occupied the site. The venue was one of the city’s most popular venues throughout the sixties and seventies and became known by the nickname “The Talk of the Town”.

OCA News Editor