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In-Room Gambling Coming to Atlantic City

In-Room Gambling Coming to Atlantic City

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City is launching a trial for in-room video poker and slots following approval from the state gambling regulators.

In-Room Gambling Coming to Atlantic City

The Borgata Hotel Casino is running a trial where guest can play casino games on their hotel room televisions.

Guests will be able to enjoy the games and place bets with a simple click of their television remote controls.

Senior Vice-President of Operations at Borgata, Joe Lupo, said the technology “provides us a first look and first step at things that are greater to come, both with mobile technology and internet technology. We are fully confident that it will be successful and we can incorporate what we learned into both the mobile and internet regulatory processes”.

The software has been developed by Allin Interactive Corp who have been providing in-room gaming to cruise ships for several years.

However, this is the first land-based in-room gaming operation in the United States.

The trial is possible thanks to a law passed in 2012 which allowed gaming on mobile devices as long as they remain inside the premises of the gambling resort.

Guests at the Borgata will be able to use the casino’s interactive televisions to buy credits and play games in their rooms.

OCA News Editor