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New Mobile Game at Colusa Casino Resort

New Mobile Game at Colusa Casino Resort

Cantor Gaming has announced the release of “Kill the Number”, a new game from Cantor Mobile Casino which is now available exclusively at the Colusa Casino Resort.

New Mobile Game at Colusa Casino Resort

Cantor Gaming has released a new mobile gambling game exclusively available at the Colusa Casino Resort.

The game release shows the progress of what many are predicting to be the next big trend in mobile gambling, resorts offering mobile gambling from within their boundaries allowing visitors to keep playing from their rooms or while relaxing at the pool.

The new game is a variation of KENO.

It is a high frequency, low volatility numerical odds-based game which gives players more time to make strategic selections based upon their how much risk they are willing to take.

President and CEO of Cantor Gaming, Lee M Amaitis, said’ “We are pleased to unveil an exclusive new game from our immensely popular Mobile Casino platform. This new release underscores our mission to continually enhance the user experience by offering unique games that combine entertainment with the latest advances in mobile technology.”

Cantor Gaming has been providing mobile gaming at the Colusa Casino Resort in California since June of last year. Visitors to the resort can play games on most Android and Apple devices as well as with their laptops.

OCA News Editor