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Bermuda Government to Review In Port Gambling

Bermuda Government to Review In Port Gambling

The government in Bermuda is preparing to deal with the issue of cruise ship gambling in port.

Bermuda Government to Review In Port Gambling

The Bermudan government may allow in port gambling in order to attract cruise lines to the area.

For a long time cruise operators have said that lifting the ban on gambling would make the Bermuda route far more appealing.

The new tourism minister, Shawn Crockwell, has said that a decision could come before the government takes on the national issue of on-island gambling.

Norwegian Cruise Line said recently that “As Bermuda’s largest cruise partner, we look forward to working with the new government on this issue and others impacting cruise tourism in Bermuda in preparation for the arrival of our newest ship, Norwegian Breakaway”.

According to Crockwell, any prudent Government needs to take a “fresh look” at the issue.

The boss of Norwegian Cruise Line, Kevin Sheehan, has already warned that the company may re-deploy its new ship if it is unable to open casinos in port in Bermuda.

Crockwell said that the Government would “like to address the whole gaming issue at one time through a referendum.”

However, he went on to say that “If we are not able to deal immediately with the substantial issue… then we may have to take a look into that matter of gaming in port in isolation at an earlier stage.”


OCA News Editor