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Ponyo the Cat Visits a Casino

Last week a two year old cat, Ponyo, decided to travel to a Nevada casino.

Last week a two year old cat, Ponyo, decided to travel to a Nevada casino.

It is believed that the cat fell asleep in the neighbour’s car boot and found herself on a 220 mile journey to Reno where the family were going on holiday at Circus Circus.

A spokesperson for MGM Resorts International, Yvette Monet, said that Ponyo was first seen by a parking attendant hiding under a Chevrolet Tahoe around 4:50pm.

Eventually the attendant and one of the resort’s security officers cornered the cat and phoned Washoe County Animal Control. The animal control officer checked for a microchip which was thankfully present and allowed the cat’s owner to be traced.

Devon Hayzlett, the owner of Ponyo, then did the 440 mile round trip from Dublin to Reno to rescue the cat.

Unfortunately Hayzlett could not be reached for comment but it was reported that she was “puzzled” when she received the call from Nevada animal control having seen her cat the previous evening.

Tim Finnegan from Washoe County Animal Control said that it is not uncommon for a cat to travel, “it’s typical for them to just climb into a truck and end up going 20 miles across town.”

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