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Margaritaville to Open in Atlantic City

On Tuesday it was announced that next spring a Margaritaville will be opening at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville is to open a branch at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.

The Margaritaville restaurants are run by Jimmy Buffett and inspired by his song that celebrates the island culture. At the announcement Buffett said “simply put, it’s a pleasure and an honour to be here.”

During the press conference the Margaritaville brand’s parrot logo was revealed when workers on top of a billboard ripped away a temporary covering. It is expected that the project will cost a minimum of $35 million and will include a year-round beach bar, 5 O’clock Somewhere Bar, Landshark Bar and Grill, retail stores and a coffee shop.

A part of the complex will be inside the existing Resorts casino as part of the casino’s efforts to rebrand its facade with the Margaritaville theme. The rest of the project will be constructed on the beach and the site of the old Steeplechase Pier.

The first Margaritaville was opened in Key West, Fla., since then branches have been opened in many other locations such as Orlando, Nashville, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

The project is still being discussed by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and John Palmieri, the head of the authority said that funding and final approval will be voted on in August. Palmieri said that it is “not just some guy’s bar. This is Margaritaville, it’s a dominant brand. It’s a good step. It creates momentum for us.”

Resorts are hoping to start work on the project after Labour Day weekend. According to Aaron Gomes, the executive vice president of operations at the Resort, the exact details of the project, such as how the gaming will work inside the Margaritaville section of the casino are still being worked out.

OCA News Editor