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Golden Nugget Casino Sues 14 Mini Baccarat Players

The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City is suing 14 patrons and Gemaco, a company which manufactures and distributes pre-shuffled cards.

A problem with the cards in a mini baccarat game has led to the Golden Nugget Casino suing 14 players.

According to the General Manager at Golden Nugget the gamblers were taking part in a Mini Baccarat game which resulted in the casino losing over $1.5 million. It has since been found out that the casino used cards which were certified by Gemaco as being pre-shuffled but which had not actually been shuffled at all. Because of this the Golden Nugget says that the cards were dealt in a repeated pattern which gave the gamblers a huge advantage.

One of the gamblers, Yi Hand Li from New York, claims that he was detained by the casino on May 1st for seven hours with no food, water or access to a phone. Li is being represented by attorneys from Feldman Shepherd in Philadelphia; they are claiming that the Golden Nugget profiled Li and a number of other Asian people because of the mini baccarat game which took place on April 30th.

The state agency that regulates Atlantic City’s casino industry, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, has said that it is looking into the controversial game. Lisa Spengler, the division spokeswoman said in a statement that “the matter is under investigation and we are aware that several patrons have not been paid in connection with the mini-baccarat incident.”

The Golden Nugget is claiming that “The gamblers unlawfully took advantage of the Golden Nugget when they caught onto the pattern and increased their bets from table minimums to table maximums and by placing bets for others.” So far there has been no comment from Gemaco but Feldman says that he intends to sue the Golden Nugget for racial discrimination and for triple damages under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Law.

OCA News Editor