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Black Diamond Casino to Launch in August

Black Diamond Casino Inc. is hoping to launch its twice-daily casino cruises from the Port of Palm Beach sometime in the second half of August; however, they have not yet decided on a definite date.

The Black Diamond Casino ship is now expected to launch in the second half of August after a number of delays.

Last June the President of the company, Jonathan Greene, had said that they hope to begin the cruises by July 4th, at that time the interior upgrades to the ship were almost complete, slot machines had been installed and the crew hired. It is not known what has caused the delay.

However, this week non-member pricing and sailing schedule details for the crew were revealed and a launch date should be available within the next fortnight. Cruises which leave on Wednesday to Saturday lasting from 10:30am – 4pm will cost $25 per person. Sunday Cruises from 11:30am – 5pm will cost $40 per person. There are evening cruises from 7pm – midnight which cost $30 per person except on Friday and Saturday when they last from 7:30pm – 1am and cost $50 per person.

At first all customers will pay these rates until they establish a rating with the casino, then they may inquire about special membership concessions. It expected that the new service will generate revenues of around $750,000 per year. The cruise ship will have two levels, one for gambling and one for dining; there will be a bar on each level and entertainment in both the dining room and on the first gaming deck.

In the meantime Princess Cruises have revealed a new fitness center on the Royal Princess ship. The center includes an outdoor jogging track as well as a fully equipped fitness center with a private aerobics studio. There is also a sports center with a Center Court which can be used for basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton. There will also be a driving range for golfers.

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