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MGM Rewards Las Vegas Travelers Who utilize Mobile and Social Networking

Thanks to the efforts of MGM Resorts, Visa, and Topguest, members of the M-Life loyalty program will receive added rewards for sharing on social networking platforms and using mobile devices.

M-Life Members of MGM Resorts are being given extra incentive to utilize mobile devices and social networking in conjunction with their Las Vegas visits.

M-Life members can use their registered Visa card in conjunction with engagements made through social media to receive Tier Credits as well as other useful and up-to-date benefits. The new approach to rewards programs is giving travelers even more incentive to join and enjoy the benefits of VIP access and treatment with MGM.

Those Visa holders who opt into the program will receive real-time, personalized benefits packages when visiting Las Vegas. The offers are received via SMS text messages to their mobile devices. Say a member makes a hotel reservation at the MGM Grand in Vegas, they might then be gifted a special ticket offer to a headlining Cirque du Soleil show. Other examples include those who may have purchased show tickets, who then receive a text message from Visa alerting them to a pre-show dinner offer at a swank Vegas restaurant. Members get preferred access to nightclubs and spa treatments as well.

The social networking aspect comes in to play when visitors share their experiences on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Topguest rewards social sharing with 500 Tier Credits per check-in to an affiliated location. Visiting all Vegas hot spots can land visitors as much as 6,000 credits in a day. Visiting MGM locations across the US can offer the same benefits, but not in the same volume found in Las Vegas.

Not only this, but booking with friends is easier with the new “join” the trip option that allows travelers to book the same Vegas itinerary as friends with the click of a button.

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