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Casinos on the High Seas

Have you ever wished that your favourite casino resort had wheels and could take you to exotic islands? Next time you plan a vacation, consider a cruise! Not only do cruises take you to beaches you’ve never been to, they include 5 star casinos with strong themes that are out of this world.

This casino takes you to exotic islands!

The 3 biggest cruise lines are Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess. Carnival offers a 3-4 star experience while Royal Caribbean and Princess are worthy of 4-5 stars. A 7 day Carnival cruise can cost $1,500 for 2 – some 30-50% less than its competitors.

Whatever cruise line you choose, you are bound to be spoiled beyond belief. Expect a chocolate on your pillow after dinner. And then there’s the food – it’s all free as you paid for it. You can eat any meal at a buffet or sit down restaurant. Eat each meal twice if you want – each time at a different restaurant!

For entertainment there are outdoor swimming pools and hot-tubs. A hot-tub overlooking the ocean isn’t a bad way to spend the afternoon. At night, you are treated to music and comedy shows. Oh, and every cruise (except for Disney Cruise Lines) has a casino.

The cruise casino is similar to resort casinos – expect to be treated to free drinks and prizes. The cruises focus more on the low and mid rollers. You’ll find dozens of slot games with very low minimums (penny, nickel, dime and quarter as they’re usually in US currency). It’ll be easy to spot the high rollers table – by the serious looks of the players and the crowd around them.

The cruise casino has a lighter atmosphere than a land based casino – perfect for the light gamer. The next time you’re planning a casino resort trip, consider a cruise on the high seas. You’ll explore a cruise ship with a casino and get some good quality time on an exotic beach!


OCA News Editor