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Betting on Alien Life

Is there alien life out there? What are the odds that a US president will announce the discovery of alien life from the Oval Office? At Paddy Power, you can place bets on the existence of ET (“Extra-Terrestrial”).

What are the odds that alien life exists?

Scientists all over the world are hunting exo-planets – planets that revolve around other stars. As of February 2012, over 760 exo-planets have been discovered. 4 of those 760 (.52%) are in the habitable zone where it’s not too hot and not too cold and water flows as a liquid. Here on Earth, wherever there is water there is life.

And then there is the Drake Equation, a hypothetical formula that estimates the number of civilizations in the galaxy. The Drake Equation takes into account the number of stars, the odds of life forming and how long a civilization lasts. Estimates range from 0 to 182 million.

So what are the odds for a “sitting President of the USA making a statement confirming without doubt the existence of alternative life beings from another planet?”

Here are the odds from Paddy Power. Place your bet on ET!

2020 or later – 2/1
2012 – 16/1
2013 – 33/1
2014 – 33/1
2015 – 33/1
2016 – 25/1
2017 – 25/1
2018 – 22/1
2019 – 22/1

OCA News Editor