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50 new Millionaires from EuroMillions Millionaire’s Month

The EuroMillions is easily the world’s biggest paying lottery and regularly turns everyday people into millionaires. Recently Colin and Chis Weir won a massive £161 million from the EuroMillions and this week they made their first public appearance since winning.

This month EuroMillions is giving you the chance to change your life by promising to make fifty people into millionaires before Christmas.

The couple were guests of honour at a SNP fundraising dinner after making a £1 million donation to the party. It is the largest donation the party has ever received and the Weirs want it to go towards campaigning for a “yes” vote in an independence referendum.

Chris Weir said, “We want to give the people of Scotland a fair chance in the referendum campaign, that is why we are supporting the SNP now and into the independence referendum.” She went on to say that “The only people with the right to determine Scotland’s future are the people of Scotland themselves and we want to support the SNP and the referendum campaign in helping Scotland make that decision fairly.”

The win has changed the Weirs life forever, since winning they have moved home, bought new cars for their friends, given away their old house to a friend and made a number of donations to charity.

You too have the opportunity to change your life through the EuroMillions, they are about to begin a Millionaire’s Month during which they are promising to make fifty new millionaires before Christmas. The millionaire’s campaign is running from November 25th until December 23rd giving you loads of opportunities to enter the lottery.

This week alone two people have won well over half a million pounds and each week brings multiple opportunities for many more huge wins. They are also running a Millionaire Raffle Game which will make an additional 18 lucky UK residence millionaires just for the cost of a ticket.

At the moment there is a double rollover on the jackpot and it is expected to be worth a massive £30 million this weekend.

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.