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New Zealand Continues Expanding Online Casino Biz

There is opposition to the New Zealand Lotteries Commission new proposal to continue expanding into the online casino business. The commission has decided to begin with sales of Instant Kiwi lottery tickets. Nevertheless, not everyone agrees that this is a good idea. The Problem Gambling Foundation, which is based in New Zealand, opposes the plan. They believe that sales of lottery tickets that are available online will make worse consumers’ gambling issues. Despite their heartfelt concerns, the Problem Gambling Foundation has not found compassion from the Lotteries Commission’s Chief Executive. The chief, Todd Mcleay, does not agree with their concerns. His response to the allegations was that gambling games and other products including lottery tickets have not been proven to contribute to consumers’ gambling addiction.

Instant Kiwi tickets will be offered online via internet casinos despite opposition from organization for problem gaming control

Of course, there are two sides to every coin—at least. Other groups disagree with the stance offered by Mcleay. Some people and groups that are in agreement with the Problem Gambling foundation point out evidence that supports their claims. They say there have been a number of reports and studies from other countries that prove that lottery games are a major causes of gambling addiction.

They point out that countries with stringent laws controlling the sale of lottery tickets through online casinos show less gambling addictions in their populations. Mcleay replies that the internet, which is so vital to such a variety of businesses and industries, is changing the way people do business. Included in this idea, he says, is the gambling industry. As the internet continues to develop, more people will use it and more people will handle their business transactions there.

At the moment, the New Zealand government is still negotiating whether to advertise Instant Kiwi lottery tickets online at the various internet casinos.

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