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Betfair Enters Sponsorship Deal with Türkiyemspor

The leading online betting exchange, Betfair, has announced that it will be forging a new partnership with Germany’s 4th division side, Türkiyemspor Berlin. The contract will see the team enjoy sponsorship from one of the largest UK and EU organisations making this one of the most significant agreements of the year so far.

The leading online betting exchange, Betfair, has announced a new sponsorship contract with Germany’s Türkiyemspor Berlin FC.

Türkiyemspor Berlin FC represents a leading multi-cultural sports club. Enjoying a close working relationship with the German Football Association, the body plays a crucial role in Germany’s thriving immigrant Turkish community. The high profile deal will now see Türkiyemspor enjoy the input of one of the industry’s most powerful giants – paving the way for a promising footballing season to come. The Betfair logo will be featured on the front of Türkiyemspor football for all to see. The contract is also known to contain an optional renewal clause after a period of 12 months.

The news arrives as politicians across Germany continue to review existing gaming legislation throughout the country. Betfair recently made headlines after filing an official EU complaint raising serious objections to the State Treaty of Gaming. The latest government gaming proposals, meanwhile, have now been pronounced ‘incompatible’ with European law by the European Union – a decision which has been warmly welcomed by several operators located all over the continent. It seems that Germany’s gaming legislation still has a long way to go in what looks to be a very critical year ahead. Türkiyemspor fans are said to be delighted with the support of such a major player as they gear up for the arrival of the new season.

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