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Seoul based Developer NCsoft Poised to Takeover Ntreev Soft

The developer NCsoft has entered negotiatios with SK Telecom regarding plans to purchase the organisation’s gaming subsidiary, Ntreev Soft. The Seoul based publisher expressed an interest in purchasing the brand which is best known for the creation of the multiplayer golf game Pangya.

The discussions arrive after months of speculation concerning the future of Ntreev Soft which SK Telecom has been attempting to sell for well over a year. Other South Korean companies such as NHM and Nexon were previously reported to have expressed an interest in the company but NCsoft is currently tipped as the top contender for the takeover.

The developer NCSoft has entered talks with SK Telecom over plans to purchase the firm’s gaming subsidiary, Ntreev Soft.

The hotly anticipated deal, which could be finalised by the end of the summer, would see the developer add top titles such as Pangya and Pro Baseball Manager to its existing portfolio. The latter, one of the most popular of its kind, is currently responsible for generating more that $2.8 million per month.

Meanwhile other industry members have been focussing on Korea’s revision of Mobile Game Ratings laws. The latest announcement from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism confirmed that the Game Ratings Board will no longer be in charge of assessing titles associated with smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices prior to their release.

The new measures will require app stores to take on the responsibility for reviewing games before they go live on their platforms. App stores (including those managed by firms such as Apple and Google) are due to deliver their evaluations to the Game Ratings Board by the end of the month.

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