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Atlantic Canada to Invest in Online Gaming Industry

The Atlantic Lottery Corp. has been granted permission to invest up to $2 million into the UK gambling company Roboreus. Atlantic Canada has granted the Atlantic Lottery Corp. permission to conduct business with the online gaming industry.

Atlantic Canada to conduct business with the online gaming industry


The region has authorized fresh moves from the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corp. and will facilitate an investment of some $2million into Roboreus – a British based gambling company. The deal, which will be conducted via the ALC, will bring the brand’s GeoSweep game to Atlantic Canada. ALC representatives are adamant that the investment will produce positive returns for the area as the game prepares to go live next winter.

GeoSweep is a popular random draw lottery game operated by Roboreus. The title asks players to view and select locations on Google Maps with plots of land taking the place of traditional numbers. The game has shot to fame in recent months and has received warm praise from UK visitors who continue to flock online to enjoy an exciting take on a beloved casino classic.

Commenting on the developments, ALC spokeswoman Paula Dyke said that the gaming market was undergoing a period of change. “We are in a position to expand our marketplace”, read a statement from the firm. “As GeoSweep grows, both nationally and internationally, Atlantic Canada will profit”. Dyke also went on to acknowledge the risks involved in any high profile investment. “We have conducted due diligence using an internationally recognized auditing firm”, she announced before concluding that the risk had been deemed “acceptable and the right one to take on for our company.” A full breakdown of the investment is due to be confirmed as soon as contractual details are finalized.

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