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The action was intense at the DeepStack Open Marrakech

While all the attention has been focused on the intense poker festival that is the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas there are still some other quality tournaments being played around the world.

The DeepStack Open Marreakech has a new champion

The DeepStack Open Marrakech 2011 has just finished and saw some great poker plays and skilful moves. The Spaniard Carlos Casaprima took the title and the €31,786 prize money, after a huge battle against 248 other players. The tournament took place in the Casino de Marrakech, the same venue as last year and featured all of the classic elements of a great poker tournament. Some of the best European talent had made the trip to take part and chase their share of the prize money. The original buy in was €550 and the players all received 50,000 chips for their buy ins with blind levels rising every hour.

The final two players were both Spanish and their heads up battle lasted for half an hour with each one attempting to out manoeuvre the other to take the big prize. Vincente Ortiz was to be disappointed as he watched his compatriot knock him out. Ortiz will just have to satisfy himself with the fact that he has €17,000 more in his pocket than when he started. The top 20 players were paid out and even more won points towards their total DeepStack Open standings.

The DeepStack Open is heading all around Europe on the annual tour, including Paris and Vienna. The poker series is becoming better known each year and provides an excellent alternative to players who haven’t quite built up the bankroll for the grandfather of all poker series, the WSOP. For all of the best information and tournaments visit William Hill Poker.

OCA News Editor