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Wayne Loses his Booty in Early Morning Casino Spree

He has done it again! Wayne Rooney went out to celebrate England’s win against Belarus. He scored two of the three goals but at the casino he scored only own goals to the tune of ! This is not the first time that the celebrated Manchester United striker struck out at the casino, rumor has it he also ran up a £700,000 debt at a secret dressing room gambling ring. Oh, Wayne what will Coleen say?

Rooney earns £80,000 a week which does not make his loss any easier, staff at the casino who were watching him play said that the Manchester player started of in a jocular mood but as he ran into a serious losing streak, his mood altered. Can you blame him, he had previously won big at the same casino and now he was losing £500 every minute of the two hours he spent in the casino.

It seems as if he thought after his luck during the game in Belarus, he was on a winning streak. Unfortunately for him blackjack remains a game of chance and playing £500 hands can be very taxing on even the richest pocket. When he realized that blackjack was not going to be kind to him, he switched to the roulette wheel, betting hundreds of pounds on each spin. Well, that also did not pay off and his losing streak only ended when the club finally closed for business at 6 in the morning. What a hangover Wayne must be suffering!

Luck on the football field does not always equal luck at the casino tables and that is something Rooney would do well to remember.

OCA News Editor