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Splash with Ukash from your online casino account

Ukash is similar to a credit card and is endorsed by Mastercard. It can be used for any online purchases and will soon be accepted by most online casinos. Chilipoker was the first online casino operator to use Ukash but once other online casino operators see how this card can make a difference it will soon spread.

With the new Ukashout card, online casino payouts have become a whole lot more secure and easy. A player can also use the card to withdraw money from an online casino account at any ATM.

Up until now, most online casino operators have used third parties to pay out their players. Understandably, this has caused the online player quite a bit of stress. Waiting time could be as long as a week, Ukash makes it easy and transfer of monies is completely secure. The magic of the Ukash card is that players can also deposit money into their Ukash cards, making this the first card to offer such freedom to its users.

Mark Chirnside, CEO of Ukash is confident that once other online casino operators realize just how easy and secure Ukash transactions are, they will also use the Ukash package.

The sheer ease with which anyone can obtain and use the Ukash card makes this a must have item for anyone purchasing goods on the internet. All transactions are secure and you do not have disclose any personal information when paying online with Ukash. With all the paranoia regarding identity theft and fraud, Ukash provides peace of mind for their users.

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