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Cupid takes aim at Online Gaming Couple

Although thousands of miles apart, ‘Swede’ from Sweden and ‘Cynthial’ from the US found one another due to their mutual love for online gaming. After a period of chatting online, they realised that they were a match made in online heaven. The two decided to marry and ‘Swede’ sold his antiques business to join ‘Cynthial’ in America where she runs a construction company.

What started out as an exchange of knowledge and opinions regarding online gaming (and life in general), they met at London’s Heathrow Airport to spend a week together. ‘Swede’ and ‘Cynthial’ found their soulmates in an online gaming site and have not stopped marveling at the amazing turn their lives took.

The happy couple got married earlier this month and are planning to open a restaurant on Route 66 later this year. ‘Cynthial’ says that his sense of humour instantly attracted her and she for one is very happy that her passion for online gaming brought her to meet her husband. It just goes to show, although you may not always hit the jackpot in online gaming, other worthwhile things can happen online too! You never know whom you may meet at an online gaming site and how that may change your destiny.

OCA News Editor