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Closure of Online Casinos Tied With Owner’s Death

Most people have heard of Crystal Palace Casino and the Crystalisle group of online casinos. They are not the proud possessors of an untarnished reputation and the customer relations are at best shoddy. Take for example the abrupt shutting down of the networks main online casinos following the unexpected death of the group’s owner and founder, Warren Cloud

It is definitely a huge crisis and shutting down the online casino network after the death of its owner is probably not so unusual. However the way it was done leave a lot to be desired. The network was shut down without any warning, 9 of the 11 online casinos were taken offline instantly. There was a message on the homepage of each of the websites advising that the website was no longer available and users should check this space periodically for more information and updates. At time of writing, there have been no updates or further information.

A small courtesy was shown to current players in the form of an e-mail which was sent with more details on the situation. The message advised current players that the entire network of online casinos of the Crystalisle group would be shut down by July 31, 2008. Players with active balances were advised to withdraw remaining funds of to play it out. Those players who have not yet met the bonus wagering requirements have only until July 31 to do so.

As a goodwill gesture, the group will extend the deadline for those players who have not played through all their bonus or managed to make a withdrawal request, by fourteen days. After July 31 though remaining balances will be absorbed by the casino. If the US had regulations in place players would have been better protected and better treated.

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