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Online Casinos Next in Macau?

China and Macau have decided to freeze the issuing of new casino licenses for the next ten years. The market is overcrowding already in Macau, due to the huge explosion the gambling resort has experienced in popularity.

Are the rumors true? Will online gambling become legal in Macau?

Instead rumours have it, that remote internet gambling will be allowed. This means that players will be able to experience the real Macau casino atmosphere gambling through online casinos.

The possibility to gamble through online casinos at Macau can be achieved with new software, Kenilworth Systems has developed. Roulabette, as the software is called, is a program that carries live, in-progress casino games captured by cameras. It allows the player to join any table without being physical at the location, and play through either home computer or online casinos. The player gets a cut in the game, just exactly as if he was seated at the table. This software would be valuable for online casinos, to pull in even more player traffic to their site.

After a seven years waiting period, the software program has finally been approved by China’s patent office, and will now be available for millions of Chinese internet users. The affect it will have on online play, is beyond comparison, if only the online casinos can get their share of it. Kenilworth sees a very rosy future for their program, not only the Far East is a huge potential market. The company also predicts that with the easing of online casinos regulation in US in the nearest future, there will be a huge request for this new software program.

OCA News Editor