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UK Online Casino Launches Blackjack Tournament

The bookmaking industry is being expanded at Bookmaker Casino, with a challenging five month progressive Blackjack tournament for the next 21 weeks, rightly called the “21 Challenge Series.” Bookmaker Casino, which was nominated as “Best Sportsbook 2007” by, feels their time has come to expand into other branches of the growing UK online casino industry, and seize the opportunity to call attention to their excellent casino with this extraordinary Blackjack tourney.

The next 21 weeks all UK online casino players can compete in the progressive challenge and either win free seats or cash, or perhaps even both. Participants will have multiple opportunities to win cash during the tournament, but no doubt, that the ultimate prize is the end-of-season jackpot of $21,000 for the lucky winner of the “21 Challenge Series.” For those UK online players interested, Bookmaker will host Real Time weekly tournaments, with up to three weekly qualifiers, and those earning a free seat will be in the weekly main every Sunday night competing for $1.121.

Entry fees build progressively throughout the week, with $11 at the first qualifier, then $33 and eventually $55 for those UK online casino players trying to earn free seats at the last moment. There should be plenty of opportunities for all UK online casino players interested, to be in the run for the desires prize, and no doubt with this exciting tournament style and idea, the numbers of participants will be high, likewise the competition will be hard and thrilling. This tourney is definitively a visit worth while for all UK online casino players!

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