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First Legal Online Casino to be Released in Germany

Germany’s first legal online casino will soon be realized, following the signing of a licensing agreement between Spielbanken Niedersachsen GmbH (SNG) and Chartwell Technology. The online casino being developed by the Canadian software developer, Chartwell Technology, will be a virtual version of the land-based SNG casino, which is both government licensed and regulated. Situated in the Northern German Federal State of Saxony, the company will be the first in Germany to release a fully legal online casino.

According to Chartwell Technology, the agreement between the two companies will see the launch of online casino gambling products to SNG and its affiliates. In addition, the site will utilize some of the latest flash technology, and have previews features at within the coming month.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Chartwell Technology, Darold Parken, stated that the company is “delighted” to be working with SNG, who they view as “an exceptional industry partner and a well established gaming business” that can further their own growth in the German online casino gambling market.

Parken further explained that Chartwell technology had to overcome extensive testing and selection by SNG in order to win the contract with them. SNG’s CEO, Rainer Chrubassik explicated that Chartwell Technology’s was chosen because they provide what they see as the highest standards of online casino gambling. He is confident that the development of SNG’s exclusive legal online casino will pave the way for many future online developments in the German gambling market.

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