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Internet Casino Technology Discussed at Forum in China

Developers and marketers of mobile and internet casino gambling software, PacificNet, Inc., along with e-commerce in China and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), has revealed that Tony Tong, their CEO and Chairman, was presented as a panel chairman at the 10th Annual China Venture Capital and Private Equity Forum (VCPEF).

Held in Shenzhen, China, from the 10th to the 13th of April, the VCPEF is hosted by a range of respected companies, including the China Democratic National Construction Association, the China Venture Capital Research Institute, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is considered the most important forum of its kind in China, and an excellent platform for internet casino gambling technology investments to be checked.

As a Chairman at the VCPEF, Mr. Tong discussed PacificNet’s business strategies as a leading developer of mobile and internet casino gambling technology. With a focus on online lotteries, the company’s products are released among emerging markets in Macau, China and Asia, he explained. Similarly, Mr. Tong has also been a Chairman at the panel of the China Emerging Enterprises Forum.

Other prominent internet casino gambling technology providers and investors attended the event, with speakers representing companies such as the US Venture Capital Institute, Orchid Asia, Polaris, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange.

Mr. Tong revealed to the forum that PacificNet’s primary goal is currently the development and release of new and innovative mobile and internet casino gaming products in Asia. In addition, he explained that many Asian markets are showing strong demand for the company’s internet casino technology, and as such they have high hopes for 2008.

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