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Fruit Machines to Guide Online Casinos to Success

The online gambling industry is widespread, and more and more casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks are popping up each day. As a means of keeping up with the pace of industry competition, many sites are turning to research on fruit machines to stay ahead.

So why fruit machines? According to recent studies, fruit machines are capable of being a player’s strongest source of high return. Additionally, there has been much demand that the so called “bandit problem” be solved. Together, an insight known as ‘website tuning’ has been developed, and is designed to provide players of fruit machines (and other games for that matter) with a personalized experience that can be changed and fine-tuned easily and quickly.

As opposed to the common form of study (which analyzes market trends over a period of weeks or months), the UK based Touch Clarity has developed the website tuning software that can track a player’s navigation around the site and adapt to his/her different experiences and expectations as they do so. For example, the software can determine whether a player is at the online fruit machines from home or the office.

According to the company co-founder, Paul Phillips, instant reaction to such elements will help online casinos succeed in a drastic way against their competition. He added that the “insights” from research handling the bandit problem of the fruit machines has helped them understand what players want now, and as such has been the source of new techniques developed to entice them to spend more. Phillips concluded that “this is where fruit machines start becoming generally intelligent.”

OCA News Editor