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Bingo – the Latest Casino Game Craze

Word is out and it’s official – Bingo is definitely the latest casino game to have made it big amongst online gamblers, and its popularity is sky-rocketing. From the removal of legislations to industry expansion, Bingo is receiving high and wide all the attention it needs to become a standard casino game.

One of the major industry developments for the casino game of Bingo is Ladbrokes plans to launch a £2 million advertising campaign to promote its online bingo site. Since the recent success of its betting shop advertising campaign, Ladbrokes has experienced a 30 percent increase in its net revenues, as well as a major increase in annual profits. Chief Executive Chris Bell, explained that it was the perfect move to make following the removal of TV advertising restrictions, because it allowed for better competition between the entertainment industries. As such, Ladbrokes intends to launch a new campaign for the up and coming casino game of Bingo at their online casino site.

Similarly, NetPlay has viewed the casino game as a promising extension to its already extensive suite of games. The company recently purchased for over £6 million, and plans to offer various events and services around Europe and the UK exclusively for this casino game.
Their research shows that the site currently brings in about £10 million a month from player deposits alone, amounting to £145 million in a single year. The best part, for players that is, is that £138 million of the sum was returned to players in winnings.

OCA News Editor