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Playtech to Expand Asian Appeal Via Internet Casino Stations

A licensing Agreement has been confirmed between internet casino station operator, Bingo Bonanza, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCor) and online gambling group Asian Logic Ltd. The deal will effectively expand Playtech’s participation in the Asian internet casino and gambling markets, now promised to be the fastest growing market in the world for online gaming.

Asian logic is Playtech’s distributor and reseller in the Asian region, and contributes to the company’s business development and product customization. According to the agreement, the subsidiary of Asian Logic will tailor their internet casino software to PAGCor. This will allow its service provider, Philweb, to operate the internet casino platforms which will be ultimately supplied by Playtech.

In addition, Playtech will also provide software for the internet casino stations (ICS) under the management of Bingo Bonanza. Bingo Bonanza is the Philippines’ major bingo hall operator, with 36 halls around the country and another 6 scheduled to open this year.

Gamebuilder’s software has been modified to suit PAGCor’s requirements, and will provide hosting services to Bingo Bonanza and Philweb. Along with several support and marketing service features, it is expected to provide some of the highest levels of internet casino service.

Executive Vice President for Asian logic, Tom Hall, stated that “Following our successful intellectual property office arrangement, this agreement is further evidence of our strategy to grow our customer reach and appeal. The agreement with Philweb will provide additional opportunities to expand penetration of the Asian Logic brand and products into one of the fastest growing markets for online and server-based gaming.”

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